How to Successfully Play Multi-Table Poker

Multi-Tabling is the art of playing several different online poker games at the same time. There are many professional poker players who severely dislike this practice as it can reduce your game from top notch to simply good where as there are many players that are able to rake in a big profit by player several lower end tables where the quality of players is lower.


There are a few things to remember when multi-tabling that can help prevent you from making poor decisions:

Know your limit and stick to it. As you get better at multi-tabling you can start trying to play more tables but start with 2 or 3 and work your way up, sticking to what you are comfortable with.

Play with a four color deck. This is crucial as it will stop you from making the sometimes expensive mistake of not noticing a flush that is on the table.

Choose Simple, Basic Themes. Most Poker rooms have sever themes you can pick but a simple, clear theme will remove distractions and allow you to make quick decisions.

Sit in the same seat. Most poker sites allow you to choose your seat on the table, by making sure you have the same seat in each room it will remove a lot of confusion.

Learn where to focus your attention. Put more emphasis on the tables where you are in sticky situations and play some simple auto-pilot ABC poker strategy on the rest.

Multi-Tabling can be a little hard to do successfully but if you stick to these essential rules than with a bit of practice you can find it to be extremely profitable.