Roulette Myths

Being as popular as it is, the Roulette has gathered quite a lot of myths surrounding it. Most of them are absolutely wrong and we’ve detailed the most common myths we’ve run into.

The most common myth floatin around is that roulette wheels are sometimes fixed. This is actually wrong and furthermore, casinos have no reason to this. First of all, all casinos are under constant scrutiny, and roulette wheels specifically. Casinos have no interest in doing this because they will suffer greatly of they are caught, and they already have an edge over players, so they don’t even need to.

Many also believe that all roulette wheels are the same, when in fact, there are som many different factories, sizes, designs and so on. It might be safe to say that there might be the same types of roulette wheels in the same casino, but not more.

Another common myth is that it doesn’t matter which type of roulette you play. The fact is, that each version of the game offers different odds. The French is the best, but least common. The European is common and should be played if the French isn’t available. The American Roulette should always be avoided, as it offers the worst odds of the three.

Some believe that the “Corner bet” is good. This is actually the worst bet you can make, as it offers the worst odds of winning, without any significant payout. This bet should avoided.

Our last myth for today, and possibly the most common of them all, is that the outcomes can be predicted based on past patterns. The fact is, that every roulette spin is a single event that isn’t dependent on past events. The meaning of this is that neither the wall or the wheel have any recollection of past outcomes and that somehow an outcome should be expected simply because of the previous spins.