Heat Up The Holiday Season By Checking Out New Poker Rooms

The holiday season is a great time to jump back into poker, but of course we would say that. It’s no secret that we’re big poker fans and we like to have a good time. If you’re someone that really thinks about doing a big poker rush, then you will definitely want to ensure that you’re looking at new places to play poker online.

The nice part about switching up poker rooms from time to time is that it gives you room to start over. Far too often we get bored with poker when we play at the same room because we’re going against the same people. Even though a casino attracts thousands and thousands of players, it can easily feel like you’re playing the same casino over and over again. If you’re looking for a chance to really have a good time, then you definitely need to be aware of everything going on in the gambling scene right now.

New Poker Rooms
The truth is that casinos really do want your business, and they want to reward you for going to them above anyone else. They want you to realize that you can definitely have a really good time and they want it to be at their place. So what does that really mean for you? Plenty of time to actually go and have a good time at the casino, and picking up a lot of bonus credits at the same time.

There’s nothing that says that you have to put all of your available casino funds into one casino. You can spread it out and collect multiple bonuses at the same time. This would also allow you to take advantage of freerolls and other events that the casinos put on during the holiday season.

It’s a good time to also test out new poker strategy. Some people will thrive, others will not. Either way, the time is right to really get your head in the game and get things done — why wouldn’t you want to, after all? Good luck!

Roulette Myths

Being as popular as it is, the Roulette has gathered quite a lot of myths surrounding it. Most of them are absolutely wrong and we’ve detailed the most common myths we’ve run into.

The most common myth floatin around is that roulette wheels are sometimes fixed. This is actually wrong and furthermore, casinos have no reason to this. First of all, all casinos are under constant scrutiny, and roulette wheels specifically. Casinos have no interest in doing this because they will suffer greatly of they are caught, and they already have an edge over players, so they don’t even need to.

Many also believe that all roulette wheels are the same, when in fact, there are som many different factories, sizes, designs and so on. It might be safe to say that there might be the same types of roulette wheels in the same casino, but not more.

Another common myth is that it doesn’t matter which type of roulette you play. The fact is, that each version of the game offers different odds. The French is the best, but least common. The European is common and should be played if the French isn’t available. The American Roulette should always be avoided, as it offers the worst odds of the three.

Some believe that the “Corner bet” is good. This is actually the worst bet you can make, as it offers the worst odds of winning, without any significant payout. This bet should avoided.

Our last myth for today, and possibly the most common of them all, is that the outcomes can be predicted based on past patterns. The fact is, that every roulette spin is a single event that isn’t dependent on past events. The meaning of this is that neither the wall or the wheel have any recollection of past outcomes and that somehow an outcome should be expected simply because of the previous spins.

Bodog Gets Ready to Launch Anonymous Poker Series – Whoa!

Bodog isn’t a gambling firm without controversy. Just a year ago they made the decision to get rid of the data mining services by blocking them from the site. While it hasn’t completely taken care of the problem, things have definitely been shaken up in a major way. They have decided to launch what they call the “Anonymous Poker Series”, a hybrid live/online poker tournament series centered around the Bodog Poker Network’s presence in Asia.

However, it goes a little deeper than that. You’re looking at a company that is very concerned with making it a fair game for casual players. This is actually where the money is in casino gambling, since professional players tend not to redeposit money as much as other players do. It would actually be interesting to see a tournament being played by completely anonymous players. You aren’t going to know who the sharks and fish are, but Bodog says that that’s the point:

Anonymous Poker Series

“We believe that introducing these features makes the Bodog Recreational Poker Model a pioneer in the online poker world and offers all players of all abilities the fairest place to play. We have shown before that we are not afraid of controversy by changing the way rakeback was viewed and starting to block data mining sites earlier this year and these new features now give players a less biased ‘pure poker’ experience. To my mind, the software and Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model is a genuine game changer.”

There’s the removal of screen names completely, which we think is actually a mixed blessing. For example, you can have players feel safe, but you will also run the risk of other players cheating. This is done very easily, and it’s something that the site will have to manage internally.

Hand analysis is something we support as a way to make your game better, and we think that it’s something that others should have as third parties to make sure that cheating is kept to a minimum. Cheating hurts the entire poker world, and everyone should be willing to call out cheaters. If everyone is just listed by “screen number”, does it really have the same effect?

The Anonymous Poker Series is going to be a mix of live and online events, leading up to a $100,000 Grand Final in Manila in January 2014. Yes, this means that this is going to be a very long poker tournament.

There’s still going to be the presence of some poker heroes who are going to be specially invited to the tournament. Gotta keep it interesting, you know.

Consider the other statement that Jonas Odman made:

“This series will help highlight exactly how and why we feel our network is the best and safest place for both recreational poker players and operators alike. Operators who service sports bettors and casino players do not want their customers leaking money to non-depositing poker pros who are using sophisticated software in order to win. Our anonymous tables take this unfairness out of the equation, creating a much better experience for the leisure player.

This model has been specifically designed to appeal to the Asian market where the ‘trust-factor’ is the single most important reason for choosing one operator over another. In the Asian market we believe our product — in the same way Live Dealer casinos are viewed above RNG operators — will be the preferred option in poker.”

That’s a pretty bold outlook, and it will be very interesting to see what actually happens from here on out.

So: are you going to try to check out this tournament on Bodog, or are you going to be sitting out? We’re curious to see what will actually happen from here. According to Bodog, final details of the live events and qualifiers will be released in early 2013. Check it out — we sure will!

Keep Your Game Straight and Play Roulette like a Gentleman

You don’t have to be a professional player to make an impression at the roulette table. By learning these simple roulette etiquette tips, you can gain an advantage and be welcomed at any table. Whether online or at the casino, these tips will help you to play like a gentleman every time!

Common Roulette Etiquette

Following these tips will allow you to blend in with the other players no matter what your current skill level is. It is also important to follow these rules in order to advance more in the game, as the dealer will be more inclined to help you or give you friendly advice.

One of the most common aspects of roulette etiquette is placing your chips on the board. While this may seem obvious, many newcomers or drunkards will simply throw their chips onto the board instead. This is hazardous as it can misplace other people’s bets, and it also leads to the risk of your chips rolling away. You don’t want to get lucky only to find that your bet was disqualified due to misplaced chips. If you cannot reach the board for any reason, simply call the dealer and notify them of your bet.

Play Roulette

If you need to change your chips for different colors or for cash, do it before the next spin takes place. It can be considered rude and inefficient for you to ask while the spin is in progress. While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, it is best to wait for the spin to end before asking. This way, you and the whole table can enjoy an uninterrupted gameplay.

Consider call bets a courtesy or added bonus. Dealers will not always have the time to place the bets, and if you hear “no bet,” then do not argue with the dealer. Doing so can lead to conflict, a ruined vibe, or even a date with the pit boss.

Generally, you should try to avoid coming to the table with food or drink. This varies by casino, but to be safe, you should try and finish your drinks before arriving. However, if you get lucky, they may send over some complimentary drinks to keep you satisfied. By showing up without food or drink, the dealers will be more inclined to treat you well and bring you free drinks in return.

Classic Roulette at Virgin Games

When playing online, you don’t always have to follow the same rules of etiquette as you do in a casino. In fact, you can even play while in your pajamas! One of the best online games is Virgingames.com’s classic roulette. The minimum bet is 1 GBP while the maximum bet is 1,000 GBP. The game allows you to play the traditional rules which makes for a classic and smooth gameplay. If you are running low on time, you can even click Instant to skip the spinning-wheel animation. You can also bet in the most traditional of ways, from single bet to street bet, you will be able to play the odds that fit you best. Whether you are playing in a casino or online at Virgin Games, these roulette etiquette tips will help you to always play your best!

Holiday Promotions at the Online Casinos Are Better than Ever Before

If you’re thinking about going online to the casinos, there’s one thing that we just have to tell you right now: don’t delay! Indeed, the holiday season is upon us and that means one thing: bonuses, bonuses, and more bonuses! There’s the classic reason for that — the fact that the casino wants to get brand new players in there to gamble. However, there are a lot of nice offers right now for veteran players that are just looking for a new casino.

If you haven’t played at a casino in a long time, you might qualify for more promotions than you think. It just depends on how long you’ve been away from the casino. Even if you don’t qualify for a super new player offer, you might want to check around to see if there’s another offer you want to snag. If one bonus doesn’t work out for you, don’t get depressed about it. There’s always another bonus waiting to take its place.

casino promotions
You might wonder how to find all of these bonuses. After all, it’s time consuming to surf all of the different casinos searching for bonuses. Going to sites that offer a list of active casino bonuses is great because they’ve done the work for you.

Even though the holidays are associated with family, there’s plenty of time off to do anything that you like. If your family has decided to stay where they are due to the high cost of getting around the country, then you can always relax by playing a little poker, blackjack, or even hitting the slots! There’s no need to think that just because your family isn’t going to hang out with you right now that you have to be without the entertainment that you deserve.

Yes, we want to connect with real people but we can’t always do that. So the next best thing to is gamble a little money online and maybe even meet some new people. All you really have to do is check out what the latest promotions are.

Even if it’s not free credits, you might find some free tables for your favorite games. This is another tactic that the casino likes to use, especially for players that are already members of the casino. It’s always recommended that players are encouraged, welcomed, and appreciated at every turn. After all, the casino not only wants you to come back, but they definitely want you to bring other people.

If you’re going to take advantage of bonus offers, make sure that you read the fine print before trying to transfer your money out. There are too many casinos to list any specific rules though, so you’ll just have to go on what your specific casino is actually saying.

Ready to play? The time is definitely now. As we get closer to the end of the year, the casinos are truly going to be hot destinations online to check out. Make sure that you don’t delay!

Casino Bonus 101

Online casinos have acquired the habit of giving out many bonuses to their players. Now who are we to complain? Bonuses and promotions come in many forms and if you aren’t familiar with all of the ins and outs of online gambling, it could get a little confusing.

One may ask the simple question of “why exactly are online casinos giving me free money?”. Well, the answer lies in the ever-growing competition in the online gambling industry, there are many online casinos, with new ones opening up every single day. With the market becoming increasingly saturated, the different operators must have a way to attract to their casino.

There are a number of different bonuses and promotions that come in different forms.

Casino Bonus
The first bonus a player will run into is the welcome bonus. It’s offered to new players upon sign-up and the first deposit. The way it usually works is that you’re given back a certain percentage of you first deposit. A popular example of a welcome bonus could be a 100% bonus up $200. this means that if you deposit $200 you will receive an extra $200 to play with, giving you a total of $400 for your gambling endeavor.

There are other forms of welcome bonuses, such as a $500 bonus regardless of your deposit amount, and an hour to spend it all with all winnings yours to keep.

Some online casinos may offer a no deposit bonus. This means that you will get a typically smaller bonus than in the other versions of the welcome bonus, but it will be free. These are harder to come by and usually carry stricter requirements for withdrawals later on.

The next type of bonus is the reload bonus. The reload bonus is very similar in its structure to the welcome bonus in the sense that you’re given a certain percentage of your deposit back. The differences usually reside in the amount and requirements for eligibility. The maximum amount for a reload bonus is typically half of the welcome bonus.

Another popular form of a bonus that you will frequently find at online casinos is the referral bonus, this bonus is given to a player who refers a friend to the casino and to the new player as well. This is a one time bonus and it’s given along in combination with any other bonus.

Many online casinos also offer a VIP program that will offer players increasingly better promotions as they climb up the VIP levels. Your VIP level is determined by how much you play and how large your bets are.

These are the most common forms of bonuses and promotions that are available at online casinos. Always check the term and conditions for eligibility before depositing money and accepting the bonus. Also, it is advised to stay away from bonus offers that seem to good to be true, as they could easily be part of a questionable operation.