Mobile Bingo

One of the most widely discusses subjects in the online bingo industry during the past three years has been mobile bingo and whether software developers would actually manage to pull this technology off. First it was believed that mobile handsets were not advanced enough to integrate the software, and there were issued of bandwidth and a couple of other important matters to be dealt with. Now it has arrived and is getting going in full swing.

Contrary to what economists would have us believe, the apparent recession is not actually causing bingo fans to cut down on their entertainment. They are becoming even more enamored by the possibility of winning some of the fantastic prizes on offer at online bingo sites. The fact that mobile handsets are so “mobile”, excuse my lack of a better word to use, the convenience of this form of mobile bingo playing is going to make it one of the most popular forms of internet gaming. Virtually everyone has a mobile handset, whereas not everyone is connected to the internet, and there is something of a separation of the haves and have-nots in this. Mobile bingo evens the playing fields as it becomes more accessible to everyone.

mobile bingo

Online bingo sites are gearing themselves up for the possibility that mobile bingo is going to be the new wave for the future and those who are left behind; will not be riding the crest of this wave, they will be picking up the bits and pieces of the market that is left behind for them. Playing real money bingo through a mobile phone means the prizes will increase in size as more ticket purchases take place and this is certainly good news for all the bingo players out there.

Getting started playing mobile bingo is simple enough, just check with your online bingo site (it has to be one which offers mobile bingo), if your handset is compatible with the software and away you go. This is easily achieved as all mobile bingo offerings provide a list of manufacturers and models for you to check. If your mobile is five years or older, then you may have a problem, but five years is old for a mobile and it is time to start thinking about getting a new one anyway.

One of the best advantages of mobile bingo is if you have already bought your tickets and you battery dies or the connection fails, you tickets are still played. This does not effectively disconnect you from the game, the game continues to be played regardless of whether you are still on your handset or not. Much like online bingo if you have already bought your tickets into a particular game, then you don´t have to attend to be in with a chance to win. If you do win your account will still be credited with your winnings and all you have to do is check in your account later, when you are able to reconnect again.

Mobile bingo is not the only game which may be played from most of the mobile bingo software platforms available. Just as with online bingo these offerings also have a great variety of games available. However the basic bingo games such as seventy-five and ninety ball bingo are found. You will also find slots, roulette, blackjack, and video poker available from mobile bingo rooms so you are able to vary your games and keep things fresh.

The future of mobile bingo still has a way to go, and you will certainly not find this type of gaming available at every online bingo site yet. However you will find it at the big name brands such as Landmark Bingo. Don´t wait – play mobile bingo games at landmarkbingo today and get a chance to win big!