Keep Your Game Straight and Play Roulette like a Gentleman

You don’t have to be a professional player to make an impression at the roulette table. By learning these simple roulette etiquette tips, you can gain an advantage and be welcomed at any table. Whether online or at the casino, these tips will help you to play like a gentleman every time!

Common Roulette Etiquette

Following these tips will allow you to blend in with the other players no matter what your current skill level is. It is also important to follow these rules in order to advance more in the game, as the dealer will be more inclined to help you or give you friendly advice.

One of the most common aspects of roulette etiquette is placing your chips on the board. While this may seem obvious, many newcomers or drunkards will simply throw their chips onto the board instead. This is hazardous as it can misplace other people’s bets, and it also leads to the risk of your chips rolling away. You don’t want to get lucky only to find that your bet was disqualified due to misplaced chips. If you cannot reach the board for any reason, simply call the dealer and notify them of your bet.

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If you need to change your chips for different colors or for cash, do it before the next spin takes place. It can be considered rude and inefficient for you to ask while the spin is in progress. While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, it is best to wait for the spin to end before asking. This way, you and the whole table can enjoy an uninterrupted gameplay.

Consider call bets a courtesy or added bonus. Dealers will not always have the time to place the bets, and if you hear “no bet,” then do not argue with the dealer. Doing so can lead to conflict, a ruined vibe, or even a date with the pit boss.

Generally, you should try to avoid coming to the table with food or drink. This varies by casino, but to be safe, you should try and finish your drinks before arriving. However, if you get lucky, they may send over some complimentary drinks to keep you satisfied. By showing up without food or drink, the dealers will be more inclined to treat you well and bring you free drinks in return.

Classic Roulette at Virgin Games

When playing online, you don’t always have to follow the same rules of etiquette as you do in a casino. In fact, you can even play while in your pajamas! One of the best online games is’s classic roulette. The minimum bet is 1 GBP while the maximum bet is 1,000 GBP. The game allows you to play the traditional rules which makes for a classic and smooth gameplay. If you are running low on time, you can even click Instant to skip the spinning-wheel animation. You can also bet in the most traditional of ways, from single bet to street bet, you will be able to play the odds that fit you best. Whether you are playing in a casino or online at Virgin Games, these roulette etiquette tips will help you to always play your best!