Being Pot Committed Just Isn’t Worth It

Getting into poker is exciting, because there’s the chance to win real money. Who doesn’t like to win real money? Very few people would say that they don’t like extra money, especially when they get to show off their own strategy in the process. However, there are times where the desire to win trumps common sense. That’s when you get pot committed for all of the wrong reasons.

Now, if you’re sitting in position with a nice monster hand, then by all means — go aggressive and get that pot! But if you’ve got a marginal hand and you know that you’re going to have to chase the river to get anything to hit, you’re becoming pot committed for all of the wrong reasons.

Ace Queen..

Why do players do it? They think that they’re honestly going to get lucky. Sure, chances are there that you will get lucky. But the chances of actually getting the right cards to come up for you are very slim. You need to make sure that you’re only going into that pot when you know that you have a strong chance to win. You might get lucky and even bluff out the other players, but this won’t last forever. Once players realize what you’re up to, they are going to be gunning for you pretty hard. They won’t believe your bluffs. And that means that you’re going to be in hot water, dear player.

The better thing to do is play poker by the book. Yes, sometimes that’s boring. Sometimes it hurts that you have to fold a hand that looks pretty good to you. But you do need to realize when you’re beat and you need to fold your cards. Sometimes it’s better to come into a completely different hand and just let someone else get the win.

You have to decide what it’s actually worth to you. We’ve covered odds, reverse odds, and implied odds — why not use those things to your advantage? You also want to study the other players as much as possible. There are some players that will spot your loose play and actually use it against you, tying you to pots that you have no chance of winning.

Watch out for this in tournament play especially. It’s easy to get into the heat of the moment and make decisions that you would regret later. We’re not going to lie — we’ve done it too. But being pot committed when you can’t make any profit from it is just a bad idea, all around.

If you find that you’re getting way too pot committed in your games, you might be signaling to yourself that it’s time to step back from poker. That’s perfectly okay. There are plenty of other gambling games out there to try. What about slots or bingo? We’ve found that these are very soothing in comparison to a heated poker match! It’s up to you to figure out what your entertainment options will be. It’s your money, so it’s all up to you, of course. Good luck!